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Harpist for your wedding!!!  Quinceaneras, birthdays, anniversaries, office parties, bar/bas mitzvahs, and any other occasion!  Thousands of events played in the Los Angeles area since 1987.  Huge repertoire of music appropriate for any occasion!

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Also a professional pianist, violinist and soloist, Katrina sings the classics as well as popular songs in English, Spanish, Tagalog, and Italian!!! 

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Reasonable prices!  Call Katrina to add something musical and very special to your event!

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Katrina Saroyan gives lessons!!  It's easy to get started!  Call now for more information.  818-848-5353.

If you'd like to see more of Katrina's videos, you can do that!  For the videos click here.  Katina's music is available on line.  Shop for and buy Katrina Saroyan's music at iTunes by clicking here.

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Katrina was nothing but fabulous for us.  She was very accommodating and her playing was absolutely beautiful.  We would definitely consider her for any other events we may have as well as suggesting her to friends that may have their own events. 

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We hired Katrina Saroyan to play for my daughter's Quince.  She was so sweet and very professional.  She has a beautiful voice and personality.  I strongly recommend Katrina; she is an extraordinary person, very punctual and very flexible and helpful.  My daughter was very happy with her and so were all of our guests.  Katrina made this ceremony a very elegant one...  Thank you Katrina! 

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